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Enhance Your Crochet Creations: Explore Crochet Yarn at Woolshop

At Woolshop, an Australian owned and run business based out of beautiful Perth Australia, crafting and knitting is our passion, and we are absolutely dedicated to promoting the crafts of knitting & crocheting throughout Australia by offering access to some of the finest examples of yarn, patterns, needles, kits, and more, all supplied by some of the most preeminent brands available today. Our level of expertise surpasses competition and we welcome you to feel the difference our products and specifically our crochet yarn Australia supplies make to your projects.


By utilising state of the manufacturing techniques and testing contemporary methodologies to exceed in administering high quality crochet yarns, Woolshop are a client orientated company, devoted to your best interest! More defined. More perfect. More exceptional projects! Our enthusiastic staff are determined to enlighten all our clientele about our knitting needles and various other knitting products, so you know we mean business! Our hands-on approach is respected by our clients and hence why we are their number one choice when it comes to purchasing high quality crochet yarn Australia.

Craft Your Masterpiece! Check Out Woolshop Now, Your One-Stop Crochet Yarn Shop in Australia!

Our customers inspire us every day and our service does not end with the purchase of products. We encourage you to complete your project and are happy to assist if you need some further assistance. Additionally, we absolutely love seeing your completed projects, so please come back and show us. We also encourage you to join our social media pages to follow us on Instagram and Facebook and post your project pictures there. We sincerely hope you enjoy your experience with us and look forward to seeing you and your projects. Woolshop is your one stop crochet yarn Australia shop!

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