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Tapestry Wool Australia: Find Your Perfect Palette at Woolshop

Premium quality, unique flare and functionality are the fundamental stepping stones Woolshop pride themselves on when it comes to our tapestry wool Australia and embroidery apparatus. Our extensive experience in the industry has rendered us as the leading tapestry wool supplier in Australia. By utilising only the most effectively manufactured equipment, we possess the ability to liaise with our clients and ensure they receive the kits, apparatus and accessories they require for the success of their crafting projects. Due to our versatility, our online marketplace is packed with a wide range of embroidery apparatus to handle each and every needleworking project and to ensure that we are still the leading tapestry wool Australia provider.

Why Choose Woolshop for your Craft Supplies and Tapestry Wool in Australia:

  • Leading craft supplies and tapestry wool
  • State of the art manufacturing
  • Pioneers in the knitting industry
  • Efficient service and handling of guest requirements
  • Highly rated yarn and wool shop
  • Quick and efficient online marketplace
  • Australian owned and operated

Tapestry wool is a soft, smooth non-divisible yarn made of 100% virgin wool. Its twist and thickness provide excellent canvas coverage with a smooth, even texture for your needlework projects. Made to last, tapestry wool is durable and here at Woolshop we take pride in providing tapestry wool to our clients in a respectful and efficient manner, through our online marketplace. Additionally, tapestry wool is specially designed for decorative needlepoint on pillows, chair seats, wall hangings, pictures and also for fashion articles like bags. Made from high grade and excellent wool material, this piece offers comfortable texture and a delightful feel to your projects. Take home yours, mix and match with other fabric to perfectly suit your projects.

Reliability, dedication and transparency are what we pride ourselves on here at Woolshop as we have established our reputation as the leading tapestry wool Australia suppliers. Proudly Australian owned and operated, look no further for your tapestry wool Australia and or knitting supplies. We have the lot! Contact us, today.

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